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Blanx Pro Glossy White Toothpaste with Arctic Lichens, for Natural Teeth Whitening 75ml

Product Description: 

Blanx Pro Glossy Pink Whitening toothpaste Non-abrasive whitening toothpaste with Arctic lichens From the BlanX search, the new non-abrasive toothpaste is born with a whitening and antibacterial action that resembles the smile of its natural splendor and a persistent white. The exclusive synergy between Arctic Lichens, Non-abrasive Silica and Enzymes protects and remineralizes the mineral component of the enamel, avoiding the adhesion of the plaque and dental yellowing and maintaining its balance unaltered; Also counteract bacterial proliferation due to tartar, plaque and caries. BLANX PRO GLOSSY WHITE is the toothpaste that whiten teeth in a natural and non-aggressive way from the first use. The presence of Zinc Pca reinforces antibacterial action by combating alitosis and giving the teeth a new white and a persistent freshness;

Suitable for daily use.